This page provides information on Master projects and Bachelor projects.

Student projects in the System Software Lab (SysLab) involve research on the software side of the software/hardware interface of computers. This includes, but is not limited to,

  • virtualization technology to improve computer system operation and maintenance, to reduce the operational costs of small and large computer systems, and to reduce the limitations of software and hardware development resulting from hardware binary compatibility issues
  • compiler technology to improve programmer productivity by taking tasks relating to non-functional requirements out of the hands of programmers. These requirements and tasks include software protection and software security, performance, parallelization. By automating those tasks, programmers can focus on the functional correctness and maintainability of there software, thus improving their productivity. The compiler technology researched ranges from all internal compiler components, up to the interaction of compilers with libraries, and up to the design of domain-specific programming languages.
  • run-time technology to improve the efficiency of computer systems by performing a more dynamic resource management, and to improve the reliability of computers by working around defects dynamically.
  • debugging technology to improve programmer productivity.

Even though these technologies are mainly implemented in the system software components (programming tool flows, run-time systems, operating systems, hypervisors), they help in solving problems experienced at the higher abstraction levels of computer systems, such as software engineering and hardware consolidation. In other words, it are software engineering issues, hardware consolidation issues, etc. that drive the research done on these technologies. As a result, most if not all student projects in the SysLab also relate directly to programming language design, software architectures, software library development, and similar software engineering domains.

Finally, it is important to note that these projects range from small devices such as smartphones and cameras up to supercomputers for scientific computing and data centers for cloud computing.

The industrial partners with which SysLab organizes student projects include Irdeto, Ernst & Young, Alcatel Bell, and NXP.