Bert Abrath

Bert Abrath

PhD researcher
+32 9 264 34 04 (phone)
+32 9 264 35 94 (fax)

Computing Systems Lab (CSL)
Electronics and Information Systems (ELIS) department
Ghent University
Sint Pietersnieuwstraat 41
9000 Ghent


Research Project

    Publications to Appear


    Conference publications

    1. Bert Abrath, Bart Coppens, Stijn Volckaert, Joris Wijnant and Bjorn De Sutter Tightly-coupled self-debugging software protection Proceedings of the 6th Workshop on Software Security, Protection, and Reverse Engineering - SSPREW '16, pp. 10 (2016)
    2. Bert Abrath, Bart Coppens, Stijn Volckaert and Bjorn De Sutter Obfuscating windows DLLs Workshop on Software Protection, Proceedings, pp. 7 (2015)
    3. Alessandro Cabutto, Paolo Falcarin, Bert Abrath, Bart Coppens and Bjorn De Sutter Software protection with code mobility Second ACM workshop on moving target defense, Proceedings, pp. 95-103 (2015)